Benefits and beneficiaries
Selected references
AIMS of the project
Project Workplan
Concerted actions
Scientific publications

Characterization of HS fragments released by heparanase from cell surface and extracellular matrix
Production of recombinant heparanase in milligram amounts
Identification of the active site for heparin/HS for heparanase; isolation and synthesis of the corresponding peptide
Set-up of a mass spectrometric method for studying heparin/HS oligosaccharide fragments generated by heparanase
Preparation of novel building blocks for synthesis of HS oligosaccharides
Conformation of arrays of sulfategroups on different polysaccharide backbones
Synthesis of novel sulfated poly- oligosaccharides
Synthesis of C-C glycomimetics of sulfated oligosaccharides
In vitro screening of novel products and in vivo testing of those more active as heparanase inhibitors
Establishement of heparanase-overexpressing cell lines as tools for studying the involvement of heparanase in angiogenesis and metastasis
Pharmacokinetic studies on selected, fluorescein-labeled heparanase inhibitors
Selection of lead compounds for in-depth in vivo studies

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