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AIMS of the project
Project Workplan
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Aims of the project

Major aims:

  • Elucidation of the mechanism of action of heparanase
  • Optimization of established heparanase inhibitors
  • Design and synthesis of novel heparanase inhibitors, including glycomimetics

Detailed aims:

  • Mapping binding sites of heparanase and identification of minimal heparanase binding sequences of heparan sulfate.
  • Determination of structural requirements for recognition and inhibition of heparanase in sulfated polysaccharides of microbial, vegetal, and algal origin.
  • Generation of sulfated polysaccharides highly active as heparanase-inhibitors, by regioselective sulfation/desulfation of selected polysaccharides, and of corresponding oligosaccharides of appropriate structure and size.
  • Synthesis of oligosaccharides incorporating the minimal sequence binding to heparanase, as well of oligosaccharides and their mimetics recognized by heparanase but containing heparanase-resistant glycosidic¬† bonds.
  • Generation of novel potential anticancer drugs.

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